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Risks and Returns are two faces of Investment. When an Individual invests rather than the traditional savings products like Bank FDs, Post Office Schemes etc. he has taken some risks and expected to reward more returns as comparatively. Investments in any of the instrument, which does not provide any guaranteed returns, we at MONEYGROVE™ help the individuals not only during the time of investments but we also monitor the investments and update the clients regularly.

Everyone is different from others in terms of investment objectives, goal and risk profile. Remember when one of the Asset class is in bear market most probably another Asset class one can make profit. Hence to achieve the financial goal, Assets Allocation is very vital.

If quality of service is important, then MONEYGROVE™ is the right place for you


Key Indicator

Index Current Previous Change Change(%)
NIFTY 100 11747.20 11647.75 99.45 0.85
NIFTY 100 TRI 14879.07 14753.08 125.99 0.85
NIFTY 200 6105.50 6051.65 53.85 0.89
NIFTY 50 11470.75 11385.05 85.70 0.75
NIFTY 50 TRI 15845.64 15727.25 118.39 0.75
NIFTY 500 9770.20 9685.65 84.55 0.87
NIFTY 500 TRI 14447.62 14322.64 124.98 0.87
NIFTY LARGEMIDCAP 250 6161.11 6106.61 54.50 0.89
NIFTY MIDCAP 100 19443.00 19221.25 221.75 1.15
NIFTY MIDCAP 100 TRI 24866.95 24583.39 283.56 1.15
NIFTY NEXT 50 29940.70 29498.00 442.70 1.50
NIFTY NEXT 50 TRI 40360.31 39763.51 596.80 1.50
NIFTY SMALLCAP 100 INDEX 7566.55 7629.20 -62.65 -0.82
S&P BSE 100 11747.65 11648.71 98.94 0.85
S&P BSE 100 TRI 13861.54 13744.80 116.74 0.85
S&P BSE 200 4928.33 4885.00 43.33 0.89
S&P BSE 200 TRI 5811.41 5760.31 51.10 0.89
S&P BSE 500 15495.21 15360.75 134.46 0.88
S&P BSE MIDCAP 16306.44 16163.80 142.64 0.88
S&P BSE MIDSMALLCAP INDEX 4434.21 4394.06 40.15 0.91
S&P BSE SENSEX 37947.88 37663.56 284.32 0.75
S&P BSE SENSEX TRI 54596.31 54187.25 409.06 0.75
S&P BSE SMALL CAP 16866.21 16709.55 156.66 0.94
Data As On Date : 17-Aug-2018

What We Offer

  • Products Distribution
  • Wealth Management
  • Investment Need Assessment
Every planning or solution needs proper execution to fructify into desired results. As financial product distributors, we offer you access to a wide range of financial and non-financial products that will help you to implement your plans effectively and more importantly, as per your risk profile and needs.
Wealth management is a broach subject and it covers broad areas of wealth creation, retention and management. Our role would be to engage with in planning and executing solutions and strategies for achieving your multiple financial objectives under the wealth management umbrella.
The first step for proper investment planning starts with assessing your actual need for investment. We would help you to know how much you need to save to meaningfully fulfill your responsibilities in life and also achieve your prominent financial objectives /goals in life. We would help you to know how much you need to save to meaningfully fulfill your responsibilities.

Why US?

  • Delivery +

    Going beyond planning and execution services, we believe in building long-term relationship with you and be present to see you when you achieve your financial responsibilities & goals in life. All this while, we would ensure that you are always updated, informed and in control of your wealth.
  • Process +

    We are driven to provide you with simple, unbiased and uncluttered professional advice that adds value to your quality of life and results in actionable solutions. We practice a client focussed, need-based, process oriented approach and rather than a product focussed and sales oriented approach.
  • Vision +

    At MONEYGROVE™, our vision is to provide you with the most ideal solutions in wealth management for your overall financial well-being. It is our mission to reach to a maximum number of clients and make a positive, worthwhile impact in their lives and help them achieve their responsibilities and financial goals in life.
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